Affordable Fire Damage Restoration Services – Palmdale & Lancaster

Affordable Fire Damage Restoration Services – Palmdale & Lancaster

Fires can be devastating, but the fire damage restoration and repair process do not have to be. Similar to various places across the country, residents of Santa Clarita, Palmdale & Lancaster, CA often become victims of multiple varieties of damage – not simply developing from smoke or fire. Damage can often come during the fire and smoke cleaning process when water is used to expel the fires.

Destruction to homes from forest fires is starting to become more prevalent, but we are able to repair the damage, no matter what created it. We can help you turn back time on your damaged property and transform it into your home sweet home once more.

Expert Fire Damage Repair and Clean Up

When it comes to fire damage restoration, Restoration Genie has been trained to repair houses from huge varieties of damage scenarios:

  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Water Damage

Fire and smoke damage is anticipated, but water from killing the fire can also be an issue in the fire damage remediation process.

If your residence has been harmed by smoke, our cleaning teams can skillfully restore than too.

Efficient, Effective and Unique Fire Cleaning Services

The various blends of water, fire and/or smoke destruction make many fire remediation and repair jobs distinct. As a result, Restoration Genie fire restoration services work with each fire situation individually. We take a personalized approach to every home and begin repairs in adherence to how much damage there is.

No matter the birthplace of your fire, we will adhere to several of (or all of) the following processes:

  • Establish the level of harm
  • Lessen traffic to hazardous locations
  • Remove water and dry the area
  • Smoke and Soot residue cleaning
  • Life post-fire damage remediation
  • Determining the Harm Intensity

Restoration Genie expert will make a clear roadmap of the damage in each situation. It is vital to take note of every concern because it is critical to locate every area of destruction. It is important to be meticulous because damaged areas can be missed. Examples of this are:

Hardwood floor which looks to be in good shape at an initial glance could actually be distorted from water damage

A fire could have deteriorated lower support joists.

Surfaces can contain fire residue that can be hard to see.

Building on top of issues like these would bring down residence values and add to costs later on, and those costs are less likely to be refunded by insurance.

Our thorough inspection will make sure the remediation project addresses all of the damage quickly.

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