How Much Water Damage has Your Leaking Roof Caused?

Water damage is a huge problem. Insurance companies throughout the United States report that damage from water is the second most frequently filed claim throughout the country. In some cases the water damage is caused from flooding, burst pipes, or leaking roofs. It’s estimated that the average water damage claim is $5,000. Insurance companies report that an average of $11 million is spent water damage restoration every single year.

Don’t Dawdle

The best way to reduce water damage is inspecting your home after every rain shower. If you see any signs of a leak, the first thing you’ll want to do is hire a professional for a roof evaluation. There’s no point in resolving the water damage until the leaking roof is repaired. Remember a tiny crack or hole in the roof can lead to a great deal of water damage. Because the leak can be so small, and in some cases the water damage done inside of your home isn’t directly beneath the leak, you really need to have a professional access the roof.

If the roofing company can’t repair your roof right away, you should cover the leak with plastic and heavy two-by-fours. Nailing the two-by-fours into your roof will prevent the plastic from blowing away in a windstorm. Remember, this is a temporary fix designed to reduce water damage while you wait for the professional roofers to work your roof into their busy schedule.

While the roofing company is handling the leaking roof, you should turn your attention to water damage the leak caused. Your first priority is getting the area dry as quickly as possible. The longer your home remains wet, the more warped the building materials become. Even worse, the dampness leads to mold growth, which can cause health problems for anyone living in the house.

Using towels to sop up the moisture is a good first step, one of the best was to dry the damp walls is with fans. Simply point the fans at the wet spot and turn them on to full power. You may have to run the fans for a few days before the area is completely dry.

After the Roof is Repaired

Once you’ve dealt with the roof, it’s time to turn your attention to the actual water damage that has taken place within your house. Don’t start making any actual repairs until you contact your insurance company. They’ll send someone to your home to access the damage and then walk you through the claim process.