Local Water Damage Restoration in Palmdale & Lancaster

Did you know that a ⅛ crack in a pipe can release up to 250-gallons of water a day? Or that a leaking toilet, if left unnoticed, can use up roughly 300-gallons of water a day?

The reality of potential water damage to your home, whether it’s from a natural source like the weather or a maintenance issue, it’s frighteningly high.

Roughly 40% of homeowners accounted for experiencing some sort of water damage. It is important to take note that a broken pipe under your home may take months to become apparent but the damage has been going on unnoticed. Be mindful of common issues like broken hoses, plumbing problems, leaky roof, frozen pipes etc. and respond quickly and accordingly!

Restoration Genie provides local recovery and restoration solutions to get you back into your home and life quickly. Should a disaster strike, Restoration genie can provide full-service emergency response and restoration services in Palmdale & Lancaster, C.A. These services include water damage mitigation, fire and contents cleaning, mold remediation, complete reconstruction and much more. Our Restoration Genie disaster recovery team is available 24/7 to respond to any water, fire or wind property loss needing immediate action. Our industry-certified disaster recovery team has the expertise and experience required to quickly size up severe weather-related damages and mobilize the specialized equipment required to mitigate secondary damage and loss.

Why Call The Restoration Genie?

When water damage takes place, you can always count on Restoration Genie to be at your doorstep with a Quick Response Team to get your home nice and dry to prevent further damage and mold growth. Restoration Genie will work with your insurance company and keep you informed every step of the process to ensure you are up and running fast!

It is important to note that the water restoration process is paramount and without the right experts working on the procedure, it may lead to more damage than good.

Restoration Genie has heavily invested in better tools, which have improvised technology that can perform the repair smoothly, without this equipment; the recovery process may become difficult.

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