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Incidents involving minor or major fires can impact the structural integrity of a property, the safeness of an indoor environment, and the comfort experienced by occupants.

More than major fire incidents we hear about, minor fire and smoke situations impact numerous homes each day. A kitchen grease fire, an overheated dryer, a cigarette igniting a trash can, a curling iron burning on the rug – these are all examples of small situations that can result in fire and smoke damage that can impact parts of a property.

While a fire incident may be contained without consuming a property, much damage can still result. This damage has damaged the properties building materials, personal items, appliances, and possibly the structure. Beyond this, the chemicals released from fire retardants used to extinguish the fire or from the items burned during the fire can pose a health risk to occupants. There is also the discomfort from the often intense odors from smoke and chemicals that permeate various other parts of the property.

The Restoration Genie is here to manage the entire process. We will work closely with the insurance company and property owner from the initial assessment through the final walk-through for quality assurance. Even after our work is complete, we will be available to answer any questions and provide any details needed for the project to either the insurance company or the occupants.

Our mission is to help people save their homes from the devastating effects that water, fire and mold damage can have on their property.

With the latest techniques, equipment, and restoration specialists, we are able to deliver the best results at the lowest costs in the fastest time.

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