Water Damage Cleanup & Dry Out | Water Damage Restoration & Rebuild

We first remove as much water as possible from the carpet & any hard surfaces using state-of-the-art extraction & cleaning tools. We then use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to locate all of the affected areas in the home.

Any baseboards, tack strip, drywall, and other material made of wood that has been affected will be removed so no mold or mildew can grow. We then use blowers, dehumidifiers & air scrubbers to dry out all of the affected areas.

Water Damage Restoration & Rebuild

Once the water damage has been cleaned, it’s time to restore your home to its previous state — or better. The Restoration Genie’s full-service water damage restoration will handle all phases of the rebuild & restoration process, saving you and your insurance company time and money. This includes the following reconstruction services:

  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Tile & Stone
  • Paint
  • and more…

The Restoration Genie’s water damage restoration services are covered by most insurance carriers. We work directly with the adjuster so that you can go on with your day and not worry. We bill the insurance company directly so no money comes out of your pocket. Call us if you are unsure if your insurance covers water damage restoration, but in almost every case, your claim will be covered.

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