Mold Damage Remediation Services

Where Mold Can Grow

Basements are famous for providing the perfect conditions for the growth and sustainability of mold colonies. Basements usually have poor air circulation as well as damp and humid air. These factors make the basement an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Bathrooms get warm and wet and usually have poor ventilation. The water and humidity in the bathroom create stagnant moist air which is perfect for mold to grow on almost any surface. The areas around a bathroom window frame can be an especially high risk for growing mold.

The laundry room is another hotspot for mold. The buildup of dryer lint can cause mold. Water connections to the washing machine can also cause mold as well as leaving wet clothing in the washing machine.

Mold can grow behind walls due to leaks in the plumbing. There may also be mold in the wall cavities which is caused by water from condensation.

Condensation or moisture is the major factor in each of these locations. Without moisture, mold will not grow. Make sure your home is properly insulated as well as using a dehumidifier can prevent the growth of mold in your home.

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